We Won A $50,000 Hometown Grant from T-Mobile!!!

We won! Colville Together is excited to receive a Hometown Grant from T-Mobile for the Heritage Court Renaissance Project. This investment of $50,000 will make a huge difference in Colville to improve and beautify the Heritage Court and enhance downtown, the heart of our community.

Heritage Court Renaissance is a project activating our town square, Heritage Court, it will
foster community use and activity in downtown Colville.

Colville Together is striving for a revival of downtown and a renewed interest in our local artist and artisan community, a rural renaissance for Colville. To make the space more comfortable and inspiring we will be providing a mural, new shade for the court, free Wi-Fi, and continue to provide furnishings for the space as we have done every year. Part of this renaissance will be a new event we are calling 4th Friday. Starting in June, every 4th Friday, we will be hosting a free concert, art walk, and vendors in Heritage Court to encourage the community and visitors to spend time downtown. Heritage Court is used throughout the year for various community activities and Holiday events. The Heritage Court Renaissance will bring connection to Colville and the surrounding communities.

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