Our Story

Colville Together was created through the partnership of The City of Colville, Colville Chamber of Commerce, and Tri County Economic Development District.  We act as the communication hub for the community and the partnering organizations. We are focused on Downtown Colville and its maintenance and preservation. 

At the encouragement of the City Planner, an effort to organize a Main Street Committee was began in 2014.  This effort was spearheaded by a group of community volunteers, the Chamber of Commerce, Tri County Economic Development District (TEDD), and the City of Colville.  The committees focus was to become a Main Street Affiliate. 

The committee started gaining momentum and in 2017 the Steering Committee applied to be a Washington State Main Street Affiliate, but funding was an issue.  The committee recognized that an Executive Director was integral to achieve the work needing to be done for the community, as well gaining the designation of a Main Street Community.  Being a Main Street Community was the ultimate goal.  The ability to receive the Main Street Tax Credit Incentive monies meant local taxes staying in Colville to helping improve our community’s biggest asset, Downtown.

In the winter of 2017, the city began a Downtown Revitalization Plan Update. It was through this effort and the leadership of the consultant, Brian Scott of BDS Consulting, that an MOU was created with all the collaborators to solidify the efforts of the Main Street Steering Committee and creating Colville Together – A Main Street Program.  Colville Together then applied for and was than awarded Lodging Tax funding which enabled the hiring of Rosemary Shaw as the half-time Executive Director. 

The creation of Colville Together in 2018, was the direct result of the efforts of the City of Colville, the Chamber of Commerce and TEDD.  Each of these groups partnered with the initial Main Street Steering committee.  Each organization has representatives on the board of directors and each partner organization gives Colville Together support based on their resources.  The City of Colville has committed to providing Lodging Tax funds to Colville Together, through the appropriate application process.  The Chamber of Commerce involved and included Colville Together in their many downtown events with us over the past 2 years and given us the opportunity to share our Main Street message and sell our fundraising T-shirts at their events.  TEDD generously shares office space and the many resources along with that; providing Rosemary a base of operations. All these efforts led to Colville receiving the Governors Smart Community Partnership award and ultimately Colville Together achieving Main Street Community status. 

Colville Together is a prime example of a small community coming together to pool resources available to reach a goal. Colville Together is only possible through the support of our partners and we would not be a Main Street Community without the City of Colville, the Colville Chamber of Commerce, or TEDD. Working together makes any goal achievable!