Main Street Program


Colville Together is a designated Washington Main Street Program (WMSP) Community.  The Washington Main Street Program is a state organization based on preservation-based economic development of downtowns. It is centered on a four-point approach:  Design, Organization, Promotion, and Economic Vitality.


This approach gives Colville Together the opportunity to organize the groups that are already doing things in the downtown a cohesive way.  The people who want to see Colville be the best it can be, and already work to make it happen, can all coordinate their focus. The City will work on codes, ordinances and design standards that help the face of Colville shine. The Chamber of Commerce will continue to put on amazing events for us all to attend downtown. TEDD can continue to help small businesses grow. All the volunteer groups who help our community can have a hub of communication and coordination so that no effort is duplicated.

 Being a part of the state organization gives us the opportunity for tax credits, grants and incentive for property owners and the downtown. Being a part of Washington Main Street Program will bring state monies here to our community through the Main Street Tax Credit Incentive Program.