Façade & Building Improvement Grant – Now Available 2021

Colville Together is excited to be able to offer the Façade & Building Improvement Grant to our downtown building owners. 

This program is offered by Colville Together with a desire to help improve and enhance the beauty of downtown Colville, preserve the historic nature of the streetscape, while making revitalization efforts affordable, creative, and community based. Each successful grant will be in the amount of $3,000 and awarded to property owners in the Colville Together focus area (3rd Ave to Birch Ave and Wynne St to Oak St).

 The eligible improvements include:

  • New awnings or the restoration of existing awnings
  •  Exterior painting and/or paint removal
  •  Murals on exposed side walls
  • Reparation and restoration of brickwork, wood, masonry, and stucco
  • Exterior lighting
  • Reusable signage, such as projecting, blade, and lighted
  • Reparation and replacement of architectural details or materials
  • Doors and windows, including garage doors
  • Rehabilitation or compatible reconstruction of storefronts
  • Removal of metal siding and exterior slip covers (surfaces)
  • Building improvements that save the structural integrity of the building, i.e. roofs
  • Any element that enhances the parking lot experience, i.e. landscaping, bike racks, etc.

Colville Together Design Committee administers the Façade & Building Improvement Grant Program and evaluates the applicant’s eligibility and need based on all the applicants. The number of grants available is dependent on annual funding for this program.  Grants will be available in coming years as well.

Any building owner whose property falls within the Colville Together focus area (3rd Ave to Birch Ave and Wynne St to Oak St) can apply for the Façade & Building Improvement Grant. Applications and the program guidelines are available at https://www.colvilletogether.org/facade-building-improvement-grant/. Completed Applications are due on February 25th and the grant will be closed.

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