Flower Dancing in the Wind

Flower Dancing in the Wind, a gorgeous sculpture by local artist, Jerry McKellar, will be officially unveiled Friday June 28, 2019 at noon at the southwest corner of Yep Kanum Park.  The sculpture was purchased by the Vinson Fund earlier this year upon approval by City Council. 

Colville Together has been coordinating the installation with the City of Colville, the City Parks and Recreation Department, Jerry McKellar, the City Streets Department, as well as local volunteers.  Together we decided on a location for the sculpture, and site preparations began. We temporarily relocated the plantings and the park sign and disassembled the existing retaining wall to get the location ready for the sculpture.  Once the site was ready, Jerry McKellar and Jeff Long at the City Street Department placed Flower Dancing in the Wind.  The volunteers then came back to rebuild the retaining wall and replaced the plantings.  Jillian Marshall, City Parks and Recreation Director, and her staff helped with much of the heavy lifting throughout the process. This project was only possible because of the generosity and enthusiasm of our community.

A Special Thank You to all the volunteers and local businesses that donated time and materials:

City of Colville

Colville Chamber of Commerce

Colville Together

WSU Extension Master Gardeners

Vinson Fund

Colville Tree Board

Rotary Club of Colville

Vaagen Brothers Lumber

Vaagen Timbers

Richart Corporation

Jerry McKellar

Craig and Sarah Newman

Annie Lawson

Dean Fisher

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