The Four-Point Approach

The Main Street Four-Point Approach is a tried a true comprehensive and action-oriented method of revitalization for downtown. These points are Organization, Promotion, Design and Economic Vitality.  Colville Together is a Main Street Affiliate and we utilize the Four-Point Approach in for the structure of our non-profit.


Organization is focused on people.  How to get people interested, involved, collaborating, and doing things downtown.  This is a committee that focuses on the small details of Colville Together as well as the big picture.

Promotion is focused on sharing how awesome downtown is with the local community and our visitors.   We have partnered with the Downtown Committee of the Chamber of Commerce to promote Downtown Colville and assisted with numerous events this past summer.

Design is focused on the built environment of downtown; the buildings, sidewalks, street trees, benches and how people interact with them. We provide free architectural design assistance for any building owner. We have also collaborated with the City of Colville to develop Design Guidelines for downtown, with a focus on maintaining the unique character of downtown.

Economic Vitality focuses on how to strengthen our economy as well as how we can expand and encourage new sustainable growth.  Colville Together has partnered with  Tri County Economic Development to strengthen our understanding of Colville’s economy.

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