Downtown Clean Up Day – June 13th

Colville Together, in partnership with the Colville Chamber of Commerce, Northeast Washington Association of Realtors, the Rotary Club of Colville, is hosting Downtown Clean Up day on June 13th.   Join us getting downtown ready for the summer activities and visitors. 

Our organizations and volunteers will be working to clean up garbage, wash store front windows, stain the downtown benches, sweeping sidewalks, and other various chores to help the heart of Colville look its best.  If you would like to participate please join us at Heritage Court on Saturday at 9 am, bring your broom and work gloves.  Check in at the booth to fill out our volunteer form, get your work assignment, and be entered to win a “This Place Matters” T-shirt. We will provide refreshments and many of the supplies at the booth as well.  We will be practicing social distancing and we encourage everyone to bring your facemasks.  Please download and fill out the volunteer form to save yourself some time on Saturday.

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