Heritage Court Update

Colville Together has been pleased to be a part of the design and discussions for the redesign and updating of Heritage Court over the past several years. We have been working with the steering committee established by the City of Colville. The steering committee included Chamber of Commerce, downtown business owners, and other interested community members. It has been a labor of love for all of us.

We didn’t know when the project would be able to start construction, or if it would ever happen because funding the project was difficult for the City, and there were no grants available for this kind of project. Mayor Ralph Lane, came up with a very creative solution, that not only allowed for the updating of Heritage Court, but also solved an issue that many of the downtown buildings along the south end of Main Street.

Huckleberry Bear in Heritage Court

The water and sewer lines are undersized and do not allow for today’s requirement if any of the building owners want to remodel. So the Mayor proposed adding a new water and sewer line to the alley of Main Street in the large parking lot behind heritage Court. To do this a very large hole will be created in Heritage Court to get the lines deep enough and back to the alley from the existing main lines. After the new water and sewer lines at installed, Heritage Court will be put back together. The design includes new lighting, new seating areas and a great open space for people to gather.

Please see the link above for further information about the schedule for the project, and the affected areas of downtown and Main Street. This project will cause a bit of inconvenience for a short period of time, but the long term result will be worth it.

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