Downtown Businesses Fund

Now Accepting Applications!!!

Colville Together, in partnership with the Colville Chamber of Commerce, has established the Downtown Businesses Fund, a GoFundMe campaign.  We are raising  money to aid the downtown Colville businesses that have been so impacted by the Stay at Home Order and COVID-19. 

It is the hope that this fund will benefit our downtown businesses both during the Stay at Home Order and during the recovery phase.  These businesses are vital to our community and crucial to keeping downtown a dynamic place, where our community and its visitors can live, work and play. 

The goal is to raise $10,000 and provide around $500 to eligible businesses located in downtown who apply. These businesses have been impacted by the Stay at Home Order and need assistance. Businesses can apply to Colville Together for these funds using the application above. Completed applications can be emailed to Colville Together at  Or mailed to Colville Together 986 South Main Street Suite A. Completed applications are due May 4th.

One individual’s $5 donation might not go very far alone in saving our downtown businesses; but if everyone in the community were to donate $5 or $10 it would add up to thousands and be what our local businesses need. . Anyone who donates $50 or more is eligible for a  Colville T-shirt.  Donations can be given through the GoFundMe page or by mailing a check to Colville Together, please specify the Downtown Businesses Fund in the note.

We can make a positive impact TODAY, by working TOGETHER, we will help our downtown survive until TOMORROW.  Colville Together, “Today, Tomorrow, Together.”